jQuery 1.4 Cheat Sheet

January 18th, 2010 by Cole Thorsen

jQuery 1.4 Cheat Sheet

With the release of jQuery 1.4 and the new jQuery API documentation I needed a new cheet sheet as well. The one I’ve been using dates back to jQuery 1.2, obviously a lot has changed since then.

This cheet sheet attempts to better align with the new documentation structure jQuery is now using and clearly marks all new and updated functions for jQuery 1.4


First off, please do not link to the file directly, or put the file on your own server. If you would like to distribute the cheat sheet please link to this post.

Download the PDF

With this much content on one page I am bound to have made a mistake or two. If you see any errors please drop me a comment and I will try to get it fixed up as soon as possible.

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31 Responses to “jQuery 1.4 Cheat Sheet”

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  5. Carl Fürstenberg says:

    I would recommend you to create a A4 version of the cheet sheet, so it’s usable in most of the world directly.

    • Cole Thorsen says:

      Thanks for the input. We will look into putting out an A4 version, especially if there is some more interest.

      • Vincent C says:

        I hereby show my interest for an A4 version!

      • Kepi says:

        All ten fingers for a4

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  8. I use cheatsheets all the time and I was happy to find one for jQuery 1.4. I’ve been experimenting with v1.4 quite a bit and I wish I had this before.

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  11. 23JUL says:

    Excellent Cheat Sheet!
    Though, CSS/Offset/.scrollLeft(val) is mentioned twice.

  12. Joe says:

    Thanks a lot. Found it really usefull. It would be much appreciated if you could release an A4 version

  13. [...] Download the cheat sheet from the ISL website here. [...]

  14. You know what this needs? An A4 version. (ie. I agree with my non-US compatriots)

  15. Simon says:

    +1 for A4 version here too :)
    Also, great work - thank you.

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  17. I took the data from your PDF and made it into a wallpaper.

    • Cole Thorsen says:

      Looks good! Thanks for the link. Good to know our cheat sheet is being well used.

  18. Fabio says:

    Great Job!
    Thank you Cole!

  19. Yeta Zulu says:

    Thanks alot! This will be my wallpaper

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  21. Chris Leong says:

    Can you list what the attribute selectors do? As it is, I have to write it next to them

    • Cole Thorsen says:

      Definitely sounds like it would be a good idea. We’ll see what we can do the next time we have a spare few minutes.

  22. TiTi says:

    Can you update your cheatsheet for current jQuery 1.5.1 version ?
    It would be great!

    It would also be awesome if a jQuery UI cheatsheet is made available.

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